This site allows you to view individual scenes depicting the Mongol Invasions of Japan. Takezaki Suenaga, a warrior who fought against the Mongols in both 1274 and 1281, commissioned scrolls recounting his actions. This unique record of the invasions, and important eyewitness acount, was heavily damaged in the ensuing centuries – according to lore they were even once dropped into the ocean! By the time of their rediscovery in the eighteenth century, the scenes and text of the scrolls were scattered into separate sheets.

Ultimately they were restored and fitted into scrolls, but scenes were not placed in their proper order. In addition, some figures were added to the scrolls at a later date. This site allows for a comparison of the original in its "restored" form, along with a reproduction of the oldest copy, showing its initial state of transmission, a nineteenth century copy with otherwise missing scenes, and a modern reconstruction that erases these later additions to the scrolls.